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Nagasaki, the Atomic Wasteland

Caused by the Bomb Nagasaki City on August 9,1945
Population : about 240,000
Deaths and injuries caused by the atomic bomb
(estimates up to the end of December 1945)
- Deaths : 73,884
- Injuries : 74,909
(from a 1950 study by the Committee for the Preservation of Atomic Bomb Artifacts)

The area in front of Nagasaki Railroad Station
About 2.4 kilometers south-southeast.
(Photograhy by Torahiko Ogawa)

Wall clock
Found in a house near Sanno Shinto Shrine in Sakamoto-machi, about one kilometer from the hypocenter. The clock was shattered by the blast, and its hands stopped at 11:02-the moment of the explosion.

Water tank from Keiho Middle School
Water tank with contorted legs from Keiho Middle School, site of present-day Nagasaki Nishi High School.